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Property management FAQ
How it works

Fill out our initial questionnaire and we will contact you to complete your company profile. After that, sit back and once we find a potential match, we will reach out via email to see if you are interested.  We bring the property to you and help set up your meeting!

No long-term contracts.

No set-up fees or monthly fees.


Property owners are personally verified by one of our experts. Our property owners are serious about finding a property manager.

Are certain management companies given priority?

Verified property manager profiles in our system will receive priority in consideration. We do not offer a way to jump the line and all companies are considered in order to obtain the best match possible.

How do we qualify the lead?

What sets us apart is we personally speak with every property owner. We find out their preferences and what type of property they are looking to get managed. Once we have completed that process, we reach out to your property management company to see if it's the right match.


Our pricing is simple.

Single family rental houses, condos/townhouses/HOA, lease only is a flat fee of $99

Multi-family houses/apartment buildings, commercial (office or retail) buildings is a flat fee of $299

No upfront payment, no prepayment, no placement order.

Is ManagerMatch available in my city?

We are currently working on expanding to multiple cities!

Am I on a long-term contract?

No long term contract! No upfront fees. We'll bring the lead to you and pay only if you decide you are interested!

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees! Simple and transparent pricing.

Can I not accept the match?

Yes! We understand property managers are super busy running their existing portfolio and aren't available to take on new clients or properties. We will still reach out to you when we find another property owner that will be a good match for you.

What happens if I don't get any matches?

Don't worry. That just means we haven't found the right property or property owner for you! Once we have one, we will reach out to you!