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Searching for the right property manager can be difficult. Focus on your business. We'll do the work.
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Concierge property management matching, for free

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Fill out our form and schedule a free 30-minute phone call or virtual meeting to get started.

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Private experience

We only select a small number of management companies that best fit both sides.

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White Glove Service

From match selection to meetings, we are your management concierge.
Feedback from you helps us know we are building that lasting, working relationship.

How it works

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Sign up and book a meeting with one of our industry experts

Online or over the phone, an expert on our team will personally work with you to understand your goals and needs. This is also an opportunity to learn more details about the ManagerMatch process.

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Our team will vet and match you with property managers

Save time and energy by letting us find your property manager. We'll take what we learn about you and your property to carefully select your matches.

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Talk with hand-selected managers

We do all the work to arrange the meeting and let you take it from there. Sign up and start working with your property manager!

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Built by property owners, we understand how overwhelming it can be to begin looking for a property manager. Get started and book a meeting today!

Frequently asked questions

Check out some of our frequently asked questions.
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Who is ManagerMatch for?

ManagerMatch is a service for :
All property owners who have either one rental house to owners with large portfolios.
Property management companies, small to large, who offer residential, commercial, industrial, and special-purpose property management services.

Are you available in my city?

Yes! We're rapidly expanding into new markets across the U.S.

How are you different than other companies?

Where other companies just provide you with a directory of property management companies and reviews, our company has experienced professionals that work with you personally to understand your needs.

How much does it cost?

Our service is free for property owners!

Is my information confidential?

Yes, all your personal information is kept private until you meet with your matched property management company.

How are my matches selected?

One of our professionals will select and vet property management companies based on the information you provide. We believe understanding you and your property's needs are a vital part in providing you with the property management company that fits best.

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